Preparation of Estimate - Step 1: Place of Departure

  Initially, we need information on the place you are moving out of  
First-/Last name:  *
Street:  *
Zip/City:  *
Country:  *
Phone:  *
Email:  *
Do you want contact by
    best time to call
I live ...  
on the ground floor.
on the   floor.
The apartment extends across    floor(s).
Is there a lift in working order in the building?   Yes.   No.   
Can the furniture truck park directly in front of the entrance to the building?     
Yes, parking permission required.

No, the furniture truck must park
at a distance of  metres away.

Desired moving date:       MM/DD/YYYY
From which rooms will furniture and goods be removed?
This information is important for the next steps. Please mark the relevant rooms and enter the particular number in the relevant box.
Living room x
Dining room x
Bedroom x
Study x
Child's room x
Hallway / Bathroom x
Kitchen x
Basement / Attic / Garden x
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