Relocation Advice

Remember that you can apply for a day off to move in many companies!


Addresses that need to be changed:

  • Municipal Registration Office
  • Motor Vehicle Licensing Office
  • TV and Radio Licence Centre
  • Insurance Companies
  • Labour Office
  • Post Office (Forwarding Service)
  • Telephone
  • School and kindergarden
  • Health Insurance / Pension Plan
  • Banks / Savings Banks
  • Newspapers / Magazine Subscriptions

What You Have to Look Out For When Cancelling Services

Check gas, water and electricity meters and report the readings to the relevant company or to your landlord

Terminating Your Lease

Terminate your lease with the landlord in writing by registered letter and agree upon a preliminary handover of the premises in good time. Depending on the lease contract and on the conditions of your residence, you may have to renovate all or part of your residence before moving out. Upon leaving, make a written record and have it signed.
Be sure to terminate other contracts for garages, parking places, etc., in good time.

What to Organise in Advance

Disposal of bulky objects, renovation (be sure to compare offers). You can donate usable, intact furniture to Caritas, Social Services, etc. You may contact us for details.
Please keep in mind:
Arrange for child care on the date of moving out and moving in, obtain keys for the elevator extension from the building caretaker, attach nameplates, clear out refrigerators in good time, have cash, cheques, keys, etc., available for the move, store passports and papers separately.
Think of a snack for yourself and your team. Give the moving team a tip only if you are satisfied. There is no obligation and you can determine the amount yourself. As a guide, not more than € 25 per person.

Important and Useful Tips

Plan the furnishing of your new apartment. Antiques, works of art, etc., must be insured additionally for transport. Moving cartons are very stable, but they should not exceed a weight of 30 to 35 kgs. Pack your moving cartons correctly. Place heavy objects on the bottom. Nothing should rattle if you shake the carton. Place records and books vertically. Mark the cartons by room. Use lots of packing paper and fill hollow areas with cushions or other suitable materials. Shelves and drawers should be removed or secured adequately with adhesive tape (crepe tape). This also applies to movable parts. Protect your floor coverings, rugs or carpets with non-slip materials.

If Something Happens

Complying within the deadline for declaration of damages will secure your claims. Obvious damage must be reported to us on the day following the move at the latest. You have 14 days to report hidden damage.

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