Removal Materials

If you choose to do some or all of the packing yourself, MTL will supply you with the high quality materials which are indispensable for your removal. From different sizes of cartons, packing paper to bubble wrap, we can supply everything that you will need for your move. We can also provide temporary parking zone signs and obtain special parking permits.

Book - file box Moving box / Laundry box
Book - file box
40 cm x 35 cm x 40 cm
Moving box / Laundry box
55 x 35 x 45 cm
Clothing box Barrels / Crockery box
Clothing box
60 x 50 x 135 cm
Barrels / Crockery box
for overseas moves, No. 6, Qual. 2.40
45 x 45 x 75 cm
Laundry box Book carton
Laundry box
for overseas moves, No. 10, Qual. 1.40
76 x 51 x 23 cm
Book carton
for overseas moves, No. 12, Qual. 2.40
42 x 35 x 33 cm
Moving box Transport of paintings and pictures
Moving box
for overseas moves, No. 4, Qual. 1.30
53 x 53 x 40,5 cm
Transport of paintings and pictures
Special carton for fittings Adhesive tape
Special carton for fittings
and keys
Adhesive tape
Wrapping paper Bubble wrap
Wrapping paper
For sensitive objects such as
glass and china, porcelain, etc.
Bubble wrap
with paper coating
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