Overseas removals are organized quite differently from removals by removal van. Partners and agents must be coordinated, rules followed and documents created, managed, received and forwarded worldwide. The English language serves as a means of communication between all those involved in complex logistics processus.

MTL Moving Transport Logistics is an independent company because it operates in a separate environment. However, the company works closely with its sister company: wherever possible, MTL Moving Transport Logistics uses the crews of MTL Umzüge GmbH within Germany for packing and loading containers for outgoing shipments and for unloading for incoming shipments. 

The UTS is an association of quality-oriented moving companies. As one of twenty partner companies, we have benefitted from the services and expertise of the UTS headquarters in Frankfurt since 2019, especially in the areas of corporate relocation, digital transformation and marketing.

We support UTS partners with relocation services and work on their behalf if required. We are proud to meet the special quality criteria of UTS.

Through UTS, we can offer relocation services in all major German cities.

The kangaroo has long been a seal of quality in the German removals industry.

As a member of the German Federal Association of Furniture Removers, we are committed to the association's quality criteria. 

Therefore you will find the kangaroo logo on our removal vans and transporters.

MTL Moving Transport Logistics is a certified member of the International Association of Movers, a worldwide association of overseas moving companies. Through our IAM partners we can offer a move to almost any city in the world; for our IAM partners we can deliver removal goods anywhere in Germany.

By way of UTS we are part of Unigroup, a worldwide association of moving companies which our clients benefit from especially in overseas moves.

Through Unigroup we can offer relocation services worldwide.